Two-Storey Single House

The above development application has been received by the City which is required to be advertised for comment for the following reasons:


  •  Lot boundary setback (east) – The proposed ground floor setback being 1.5m in lieu of 4.5m. This is due to the ground floor height exceeding 3.5m by 100mm.

  •  Proposed porch within front setback, at a height of 4m in lieu of 3.5m.

  •  Rear setback – The proposed cabana rear setback 5.09m in lieu of 6m.

  •  Open Space – The proposed open space being 58.23% in lieu of 60%


The proposal complies with the overlooking, building height and overshadowing requirements.


Lot 136 (No. 77) Viking Road, Dalkeith
Consultations Opening Date 
Monday, September 11, 2017 - 09:45
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