Welcome to the City of Nedlands Interactive Mapping System.

About Interactive Mapping

The Interactive Mapping system is a web application that allows you to use your web browser to make queries on our mapping database. You do not need to install any software on your computer, but the first time you run the application it will be a little slow to start as the toolbar icons and some other components are loaded by your computer.

All processing is carried out on our server, so the speed of the application for you will depend on the speed of your internet connection and the number of users on our server. Turning on some of the optional layers may also slow down the system.

The Information

There is too much information for each property to be displayed on one page. The information is grouped into related "modules", each with a map, a set of predefined queries and an information set. Different modules are selected using the "Module" drop-down list in the blue bottom tool bar.

The current Module set is :-

Property Displays basic property information such as Address and Lot Number
Zoning The Town Planning Scheme 2 Zoning information for a property
Aerials View aerial photography of the City of Nedlands (may be slow unless you have Broadband)

The information presented by the Interactive mapping system is presented as a guide only and is updated approximately once per week. This may vary. You should contact the City of Nedlands if you have queries about the information or before you base any critical decisions on information provided by the Interactive Mapping system.

Disclaimer: All reasonable effort is taken to keep the information presented by the on-line mapping system accurate and up-to-date, but discrepancies and inaccuracies may occur from time to time. The information is presented as a guide only. Before committing to any decisions based on this information you should contact the City of Nedlands for confirmation.

Aerial Photography reproduced by permission of the Department of Land Information, Perth, Western Australia. For more information you can visit their web site at


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Parks and Reserves Map

Ward Boundaries

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