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Roads and Drainage

The City of Nedlands has approximately 1.2 million square metres of road pavement. The City has an extensive road resurfacing program which it undertakes to improve the safety and long term performance of the road pavement.

Road Resurfacing Projects

The majority of the City's roads deteriorate due to the environment with asphalt life expectancy of 15 - 25 years.

Road Classifications

A Metropolitan Road Hierarchy has been developed to designate the role of all roads within the region and to encourage uniform traffic management of roads of the same type.

Road Closures

All road closures and/or events on roads require the City's approval as well as approval and notification to Emergency Services and Main Roads.


The City works closely with our community to properly identify solutions to vehicle use in our streets that can adversely impact on the neighbourhood quality of life and safety towards residents and visitors.

Community Signage

Community Signage refers to the Blue Sign blades that provide information to road users on the direction to local facilities, generally of a non-commercial nature.