ACROD permits

A vehicle displaying a valid ACROD permit may park for double the time limit indicated on the sign when parking in a time-restricted parking bay. The vehicle must then vacate the parking bay when this time expires. ACROD permits can be obtained through the APP (ACROD Parking Program).

The City will soon be supplying an ACROD bay parking map, which may assist people finding accessible parking bays in advance when visiting an area. 

ACROD Parking Program

The State Government is covering the cost of two-year ACROD parking permits. ACROD parking permits are available for people unable to walk or whose ability to walk is severely restricted, either temporarily or permanently. Having an ACROD parking permit allows you to park in blue, marked accessible parking bays and in regular parking bays throughout the City for twice the time limit indicated. For example, in a one-hour parking area, people with an ACROD parking permit are allowed to park for a maximum of two hours.

To apply for an ACROD parking permit, compete the form below and submit it to the ACROD Parking Program, PO Box 1428, Osborne Park DC WA 6916. For more information about ACROD parking, please call 9242 5544, email or visit the ACROD Parking Program website.

Accessible parking bays

The City of Nedlands provides a number of on-street parking bays for people with disability who have accessibility requirements. Please see below for a map illustrating the locations of accessible parking bays. While the City of Nedlands makes every effort to provide accessible parking, it is not possible to meet every circumstance. If you have any concerns, please contact Ranger Services on 9273 3500.