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Adam Armstrong Pavilion

Adam Armstrong Pavilion - David Cruickshank Reserve

Please note: Collegians Amateur Football Club manage bookings between 1 April – 30 September. Please contact


Current Capacity: 150*

Tables and chairs:

  • 10 large round tables
  • 150 chairs

Main Space

  • Large carpeted room with tiled areas in front of bar;
  • Bar including built in sink, glass washer and large display fridges;
  • Smart televisions (x3);
  • Interactive whiteboard with projector; 
  • Bi-fold doors leading out to veranda;
  • Fully enclosing blinds;
  • Servery hatch from bar to veranda;
  • Gas heating; and
  • Air-conditioned cooling.


  • Oven with stove top;
  • Fridge and freezer;
  • Hot water urn;
  • Microwave; and
  • Pie warmer.


  • Large covered veranda overlooking grass oval; and
  • Car park.


  • Separate male and female facilities available within the main facility;
  • Additional toilets located in the change rooms available for hirers of the change rooms; and
  • A single accessible (disabled) public toilet open between 5am and 7pm daily.


  • The venue meets current accessibility standards.
  • 1 swipe to open and 3 swipes to shut make sure you hear the click when shutting.


Three large change-rooms available to hire, complete with heated showers (open), plus additional small change room and first aid room.

Audio System

(no extra fee but will require additional bond and extra key) AV sound system to the bar, main room and veranda, complete with hearing loop system is available.  Can be used for microphone, radio, media input and dvd.  Connects to phones / iPods through the AUX port – same as earphones. AUX cable is provided but hirers may need to bring their own connectors where required (Such as for iPhone 7 onwards).


All facilities have dustpan and brushes and brooms.  The hirers are required to bring their own cleaning equipment.  The City does not provide vacuums, mops or buckets (some of the regular users leave their own in facilities, the City accepts no responsibility for these).

All public toilets are cleaned every single day by the City’s contracted cleaners.  Facilities hired out on a casual basis are cleaned three times a week by the City’s contracted cleaners, subject to any special conditions or agreements.


Standing capacity is provided above.  Seating is less, but dependent on the table/chair configuration so would have to be determined case by case depending on how the hirers choose to lay the room out.