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Allen Park Traffic Study

Allen Park Traffic Study

Project background

A traffic assessment of the Allen Park area, Swanbourne commenced in September 2011. The study area included land bounded by Wood Street to the north, West Coast Highway to the east, North Street to the south and the western side of Kirkwood Road to the west.
The traffic assessment was motivated by concerns from the community about the speed, volume and noise of traffic in the area. As a result of the Cardno report the City progressed the widening of a portion of North Street to accommodate additional length for the left turn lane (from North Street to West Coast Highway). This was a state funded Blackspot project and also included mast arms at the North Street/West Coast Highway intersection.  This project was completed in mid 2014.

Traffic counts were repeated in early 2015 to analyse the impact of the completed North Street works on the traffic in Allen Park. Following collection of the new traffic data a traffic study was completed by Worley Parsons to review the previous reports in association with the current figures.The findings were that there are no major traffic problems or excessive delays at the North Street/West Coast Highway intersection, that traffic volumes within the Allen Park precinct are well below the recommended daily traffic volumes, and that there is no evidence of excessive speed problems.

There are a number of actions that the City is now considering:
The bend at Wood/St/Kirkwood Road has been subject to a number of accidents with vehicles failing to negotiate the corner. The City will be considering mechanisms to reduce traffic speeds through this bend.
Additional traffic counts will be conducted to gain additional traffic data on key streets to support any future consideration of local area traffic management. The first of these will be on Kirkwood Street and Wood Street in late 2015.  Particular focus will be on the connection of the residential areas to Allan Park itself to see if the desire to improve pedestrian and bicycle access to the Park needs traffic calming assistance.

For further information please contact Technical Services on 9273 3500.