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Building Forms


Building Commission Application Forms and Notices

  • Application for building permit – certified (BA1)
  • Application for building permit – uncertified (BA2)
  • Application for demolition permit (BA5)
  • Application for occupancy permit (BA9)
  • Application for occupancy permit strata (BA11)
  • Application for building approval certificate (BA13)
  • Notice of completion (BA7)
  • Notice of cessation (BA8)
  • Notice and request for consent to encroach or adversely affect (BA20)
  • Notice and request for consent (response notice): Protection structures, party walls, removal of fences, access to land (BA20A)

All of the above forms and notices are available for download from clicking here The Building Commission WA website

City of Nedlands Forms and Checklists

Fee Calculators

Payment for the Building Construction Fund (BCF) must be accompanied by a BCF form completed and signed by the builder. Payments cannot be taken without the completed forms  the City does not complete the forms for you. If you do not have a completed form at the time of payment, the payment cannot be taken by the City. Alternatively, you can make payment directly to the Building Construction Fund online and provide a copy of its payment receipt to the City as confirmation of payment.

Certification Services


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