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Changing Builder on an Existing Permit

 If due to bankruptcy, contractual disputes or other reason, the builder named on a Building Permit is unable to complete the works included in the permit. There are two (2) methods to change the builder on the Building Permit. These are dependent on the circumstance.

1. The permit was issued more than 2 years prior, a new Permit must be applied for.(see applying for a new building permit)
a. The application should only be for the works that are not complete.
b. Plans and details included should clearly show the difference between the works that are completed and the works that are being applied for.
c. Quite often it is helpful to include a list of completed works and uncompleted works.

2. A Building Permit is still in effect (issued within the last 2 years), a notice of Cessation (BA8) is to be submitted to the City for approval.
Include with this application the following;
a. A Notice of Completion (BA7) from the former builder.
b. A list of completed works and uncompleted works.
c. A Certificate of Indemnity Insurance – for the works being applied for.

1. Within seven days of giving a notice of cessation to a relevant permit authority, the builder must provide a copy of the notice to the owner of the building or incidental structure to which the permit applies.
2. If works differ from the Certificate of Design (CDC) issued for the project. Amended plans and a new CDC may be required

The Notice of Cessation can be found at the following link


1. New Permit fees if existing permit has expired 
a. The relevant fees are based on the estimated cost of the works you are applying as per application for a new building permit.

2. Re-issue building permit in new builders name only
a. If works are as per the existing permit, an administration fee applies of $95.00