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Bulk rubbish collections

The City provides two bulk rubbish collections each financial year. This collection enables you to place hard waste, greenwaste, mattresses, metal and e-waste on the verge for collection.

Bulk rubbish collection map


For all your residential bulk verge collection enquiries, call the City on 9273 3500.

The City does not have any agreements or relationships with tree loppers, or any other contractor, in relation to greenwaste collections.


About your bulk collections

Place your materials out for collection as specified to ensure public safety and prevention of property damage. Your waste will not be collected it if doesn't conform with bulk collection conditions or is placed out late.

Bulk rubbish is not to be placed on reserves, vacant land, parks or median strips. Also note that putting bulk waste out early is a littering offence!

  • Bulk rubbish must not be placed on verges more than seven days before your collections (penalties apply).
  • Ensure your bulk collection materials are not more than 6 cubic metres.
  • Place your bulk rubbish on your verge before 6am on the Monday of your collection week.
  • Check that pedestrians, cyclists and motorists still have clear visibility. Keep rubbish 1m clear of sprinklers, water meters, power poles and street signs to avoid any damage during the collection process.
  • Keep rubbish clear of the footpath and place it only on the verge adjacent to your property.
  • Household items, greenwaste, metals, electronic waste (e-waste) and mattresses are to be placed in separate piles.
  • Bulk rubbish is collected by machinery. Please place rubbish away from sprinklers, lights and wall and flower beds to avoid damage.


2021/22 Waste Brochure


2021/22 Waste Brochure