2024 Community Citizen of the Year Recipients

Young Community Citizen of the Year – Viktor Strizek

Viktor is 24 years old and a well-known resident within the western suburbs community through his micro-business, RecycleManPerth. After working at an Australian Disability Enterprise, he founded the business in December 2021,  providing an opportunity for him to pursue independence and contribute to his community.

Viktor started collecting empty drink containers under the Containers4change Scheme and recycling them at the local centre in Shenton Park. In addition to providing Viktor with employment, RecycleManPerth has given him a feeling of pride and purpose. Furthermore, the programme has inspired the community to participate, adding to a positive and supportive environment.

In 2023, Viktor was awarded Individual of the Year at the 2023 Change Maker Awards. His story demonstrates that anyone can make a difference in their community, regardless of background or circumstance. 

For more information on RecycleManPerth and how you can support Viktors mission, visit www.recyclemanperth.com.au

Senior Community Citizen of the Year – Penny Stewart

Penny Stewart, a well-known Floreat local, has served as Lawler Park's "Citizen keeper" and an active participant in its events. Penny has managed Lawler Park tennis court reservations for many years.

Penny is highly regarded and respected by her local community, personally taking time to visit players on the courts and showing an interest in their lives. Her relationship with the local Scout organization involves her helping out with projects, tending to the vegetable garden, and communicating with the group leaders. When required, Penny and her husband James have attended council meetings and spoken with representatives of the City of Nedlands to make sure the needs and interests of the Floreat community are taken into consideration.

Penny was also one of the creators of the Floreat Toy Library, around 34 years ago. Now a grandmother, she is still involved, again an active committee member leading the strategic planning and budgeting.


Community Citizen of the Year – M’liss Henry

M’liss has made an immeasurable difference to the local and wider disability community in WA. She founded the Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre in 1972, as the first horse riding centre for people with disabilities in the state. Her idea came about one day when two children, a girl with cerebral palsy and a boy with polio, approached her to pat her two ponies. M'liss asked if they wanted to have a go and was able to get them both on the saddle.

At 80 years old, M'liss continues to tirelessly oversee the school’s activities and coaches lovingly five days a week, looking after her incredible horses, and providing therapy for riders of all ages with physical and mental disabilities. Herself and her team of dedicated volunteers run over 160 classes a week, determined to get everyone that comes through onto the saddles, not allowing anyone's challenges hold them back.

Her love of horses and her ability to use their power to assist others is unparalleled. In March 2019, M'liss was inducted into the WA Women's Hall of Fame at Government House.

For more information and how you can get involved, visit www.claremonttherapeuticridingcentre.org.au

Active Citizenship – Floreat Scout Group

Floreat Scout Group is active in the local and surrounding community and consists of Joey Scouts (6-7 years), Cub Scouts (8-10 years), Scouts (11-14 years), Venturers (15-17 years) and Rover Scouts (18-25 years).

With over 70 members, the group are building strong and resilient youth members, teaching them vital life skills whilst making new friends and having fun.
The group has a community garden which is open to the public during operating hours. During these hours, many community members come down and many also donate their time to assist in maintaining the garden. This includes fixing and managing the retic in addition to keeping the garden tidy. The group also support many charity’s including fundraising for Food Bank.

For more information about the Floreat Scout Group and Scouts WA, visit www.scoutswa.com.au


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