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Community Signage

Community Signage refers to the Blue Sign blades that provide information to road users on the direction to local facilities, generally of a non-commercial nature. The City considers approving the provision of these in accordance with the requirements of AS 1742.5 and Council policy.

Signage plays a vital role in identifying the location of community facilities. The over-use of signage however can also reach a point where signs become ineffective as well as having a negative impact on the amenity of an area.

There will always be pressure for additional community signage, including to facilities with limited patronage. In order for a sign to be appropriate there needs to be a significant number of new visitors to the area seeking directions to the facility on a regular basis. Before making an application proponents of signs should consider alternative and more effective ways of assisting people to reach their destination. These include providing a clear address, a street directory reference or a map on stationery and publicity material. The City provides street name signs to all streets, and this together with a clear address is the most useful way of assisting road users to reach their varied destinations.

Additional requirements on the location of community signage are detailed in the Council policy.

A fee is payable on submission of an application for a sign. This fee is not refundable if the application is refused. On written advice of approval of the application, payment is to be submitted to the City in order for the fabrication and erection of the sign(s) to proceed. Applicants are also responsible for any costs associated with repair and/or maintenance of the sign(s).
The City reserves the right to remove community signage at its own discretion. Where this is within six months of the sign being erected, the installation costs (not including the application fee) will be refunded to the applicant.

Where it is proposed to erect a community sign within a road reserve that is under the care and control of Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) (either Stirling Highway or West Coast Highway) application details must first be forwarded by the applicant to MRWA for assessment/comment and MRWA’s response should be included on the application to the City.

Should you still wish to continue with an application for community signage complete and submit the application form along with required application fee to the City (If submitted by email provide a contact detail by which payment can arranged).