Andrew Mangano

Andrew Mangano
Staff Member Type 
21 October 2023
51 Minora Road, Dalkeith 6009
0400 899 210

Andrew attended the University of Western Australia and completed his Engineering degree in 1985. Since then Andrew has worked in both the public and private sector and has been self-employed since 2006. Andrew has lived in Minora Road, Dalkeith for 22 years and is a foundation member and current president of the Friends of Point Resolution Reserve.

The City of Nedlands’ primary responsibility is to provide non-discretionary services, being roads and footpaths, parklands, libraries and waste disposal, in a financially responsible, timely and efficient manner, with Andrew taking a strong interest in Council’s operations.

Andrew's commitment is to represent Dalkeith’s residents and ratepayers and to retain Dalkeith’s low density, garden suburb character as it was planned nearly 100 years ago.  He is also keen to ensure the City of Nedlands’ advocates for State Government funding to complete the Sunset Hospital renovation, and to ensure no major roads or tunnels are built through Dalkeith. 

"I look forward to serving you. Please feel free to contact me".