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Is your Dog Microchipped? Update your contact details with the Council

In accordance with the Dog Act 1976 S. 21(1) (2) dogs are required to be microchipped before 1 November 2015. Rangers are requesting owners to ensure their dog’s microchip number is up to date with the City. Update your dog's details by either calling Ranger Services on 9273 3500 or emailing


Dog Registration
It is a requirement of the Western Australian Dog Act 1976 that all dogs over the age of three months be registered. Dogs can be registered at the City's Adminstration Centre, where you will be issued a current registration tag that is to be worn by the dog at all times when in a public place. Please see the information sheet and registration form for more information.

Dog owners will now notice they will be able to register their dog for a Lifetime, this is to bring the Dog Act 1976 in line with the Cat Act 2011. Registration fees are listed below:

  1 year  3 year Lifetime
Unsterilised $50 $120 $250
Sterilised $20 $42.50 $100

Pensioners are only required to pay 50% of the applicable fee, but must provide council with a copy of the current Pension Card. Please note that a discount does not apply for Senior Card holders. Proof of sterilisation is required, and is usually provided by a Veterinary Surgeon’s Certificate, or a Statutory Declaration made by the owner.

The dog registration period is from 1 November to 31 October and dog registration renewals are forwarded to registered dog owners in October each year.

Microchipping From 1 November all new dogs, that is pups and other dogs being registered for the first time, and dogs where ownership is changing will need to be microchipped.

All dangerous dog will have to be microchipped by 30 November 2013. All other dogs do not have to be microchipped until 1 November 2015.

The Department of Local Government and Communities has produced a fact sheet for downloading which can be found at the end of this page.

Barking Dogs
Barking dogs are a frequent source of grievance between neighbours. A brochure and local law are available for further information.

Dog Exercise Areas
State government amendments made in 1996 to the Dog Act make pet owners more responsible for their own actions, as well as those of their animals. In general, people will not fall foul of the law if they act in a thoughtful and considerate way. Dogs may be exercised on almost all reserves, unless they are in use for an organised sport or land set apart as a children’s playground. The exceptions are the:

  • Swanbourne Beach Reserve;
  • Infant Health Centre playground in Strickland St;
  • Hollywood Tennis Courts area and surrounds; and
  • Karella, Leura and Campsie St playgrounds.
  • Collars must be worn by dogs at all times while on exercise reserves and the person exercising the dog must have the lead with them (the dog must be kept under control). Dogs are also not to interfere with other users of the area, this includes their excrement being cleaned up.

The City’s Dog Local Law now requires all dogs to be held on leads at Masons Gardens at all times for the preservation of the wetlands and safety of the resident Oblong turtle population. Please assist the City in promoting a safe environment for all by keeping your dogs on leads.

Dog Excrement
Local laws require that the dog owner/s, or person/s in control of the dog, be responsible for the removal of excrement from any street or public place - as well as private property used without the consent of the occupier.

Please be aware of your responsibilities as a dog owner and carry a plastic bag or pooper scooper. Bags are located at the Reserves, or available at the Council offices. Please be considerate - although cleaning up is not a pleasant task, most owners would agree it is preferable to banning dogs from our Reserves.

Limitation on the number of dogs
The City of Nedlands Local Law Relating to Dogs allows you to keep no more than two dogs over the age of three months.
Households must apply for permission to keep more than two dogs by sending an application to the City outlining the reasons why they wish to keep more than the required number of dogs.
A fee of $160.00 applies to the application which is non refundable should the application be rejected.

To begin your application to keep more than two dogs within the City of Nedlands, please click here.


Responsible cat ownership

From 1 November 2013 all domestic cats 6 months and older will be required to:

  • Be sterilised
  • Be micro-chipped
  • Be registered with the local council where the cat is ordinarily kept; and
  • Wear a registration tag, issued by the local government where the cat was registered.

The legislation has been structured so that it will be introduced over a 3 year period. This period was provided to ensure that there was sufficient time for:

  • Cat owners to make appropriate arrangements for sterilisation and micro-chipping of their pets.
  • Local Governments to develop appropriate procedures for the registration and record-keeping tasks, necessary to comply.
  • Local Government and other cat management facilities to develop new Cat Pounds, or to upgrade and expand existing cat facilities.

Please Note: if your cat is found in or on another person’s property, the property owner may request an Authorised Officer (Ranger) to impound the cat and remove it from the property. If the cat has not been sterilised or micro-chipped, the owner of that cat commits an offence. Cat owners that are not compliant with these requirements, after 1 November 2013 may be liable to fines of up to $5,000.

How much are the registration fees?

  1 Year     3 Years      Lifetime    
Standard $20 $42.50 $100
Concession       $10 $21.25 $50

The City will start taking registrations for Cats from 1 November 2013

Can I have a registration form?

Cat registration forms are  available from the administration office and online via the downloads link below.

If you wish to have a registration form sent out to you when they are available, please contact the City’s Ranger Services on 9273 3500 and register your details.

My cat is really old, and I don't want to stress him/her out by having him/her sterilised/micro chipped now.

The City will require documentation from your vet advising that surgery would have an effect on your cat's health. Please note, a statutory declaration is not sufficient.


Apart from being a legal requirement for all cats to be sterilised and micro-chipped after 1 November 2013, it should be noted that micro-chipping of pet animals is a safe and effective method of ensuring that, if these animals become lost, it is an easy process to reunite them with their owners. The benefits are:

  • The insertion of the chip, under the skin is a quick and painless procedure
  • The microchip cannot fall out
  • The microchip will remain “active” for the life of the animal
  • The procedure only takes a few seconds; and
  • Your pet can be identified immediately.

Breeding Cats

The legislation requires that a person who chooses to breed cats must apply to their local government for a permit. When a cat is sold, the seller must ensure the cat is microchipped and sterilised prior to transfer. If the cat cannot be sterilised due to its young age, a voucher must be issued to the new owner.

Only approved breeders will be exempt from sterilisation laws.

Responsible cat ownership checklist

Even though the laws do not commence until November 2013, as a responsible pet owner you are still encouraged to:

  • Keep your cat confined to your property, especially at night
  • Ensure your cat is easily identifiable with a collar and a name tag
  • Microchip your cat
  • Sterilise your cat
  • Vaccinate your cat

Some further facts regarding your cat:

  • Only 2 cats are permitted to be registered to a property
  • Only a registered cat breeder may have an unsterilised cat
  • All cats must be micro chipped, sterilised and registered
  • There is an option for lifetime registration of a cat

For more information on the Cat Act visit



Proposed changes to the Dog Act 1976

Currently the State Government is working through changes to the dog legislation. Information on the changes can be found here.


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Is your dog microchipped?


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Is your dog microchipped?