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Emerge: Youth Photography Awards 2020

Young amateur photographers aged 12 - 25 years were invited to enter original photographs with a chance to win one of five prizes of a $2,000 prize pool.  

This year’s theme was “Silver Linings”, an online exhibition inviting young people to respond to and interpret isolation through photographic imagery. 

Check out this year's entries in the video below!

Meet the 2020 Winners!


Emerge Award ($250) – Awarded to the image that best captures life in the City of Nedlands 

'Another Day' by Ryan Ausden, 23

"My photograph 'Another Day' was shot in my friend's backyard in Nedlands on a trampoline. I wanted to convey a sense of drifting away from the silver lining that is our everyday life.
The forces that cause you to drift away are sometimes out of your control, leaving you potentially feeling distressed or confused. Despite this, the subject in the image appears to be relaxed and accepting. I believe that despite the situation you shouldn't let it affect your outlook on life and I believe my image helps convey that.
The outlook that we have on life is very crucial, my use of colour in the image isn't a hostile colour, nor one that is inviting. It's an abstract view point of reality and I believe that if I can help someone realize that if you change the way you see things, sometimes it isn't all as bas as it seems, the better the world will be."

Open Award ($500) – This category is open to all eligible entrants. 

'Life at a distance' by Jason Wong, 21

"This is a touching depiction of life through covid-19 and social distancing, illustrating the progression from playing as kids, to moving into adulthood, and a relationship with meaningful connection as a silver lining throughout all this hardship."

Under 18 Award ($250) – This category is open to all entrants under the age of 18. 

'On Break' by Benjamin, 16

"The Silver Linings of my photo shows the Silver Linings of work, he may work a stressful, loud and busy job of a construction worker but at least he gets the peace and quite of a break to collect his thoughts."

Resident's Award ($500) – This category is open to City of Nedlands residents only. 

'Reconnection' by Maksim Pavic, 18

"This photograph relates to the theme of "Silver Linings" as it shows that during this unprecedented time, it has allowed families to reconnect with each other (due to the lockdown restrictions) and perhaps rebuild relationships. These recent times have also illustrated just how important physical activity is to maintain a healthy life as society has been forced to have a more sedentary lifestyle. This image encapsulates both of these aspects and provides a more hopeful outlook on isolation."

Mobile Award ($500) – This category is open to all entrants who used a phone camera to capture their image.    

'The Spare Room' by Nicholas Warrand, 22

"This photo was taken at my grandparents’ house, in the room where my sister and I slept in when we were children and still do whenever we visit. For me it is about our childhood and our adolescents combining into one magical space that holds so much importance to both of us. Happy memory's to reflect on and cherish and a future not yet known but hopeful."


Meet the Judges

Amy Caitlin

"I’m Amy Caitlin, a family, maternity and newborn photographer in Perth, Western Australia. I’m a mama to a three-year-old wild red head muse, and she’s just one of three crazy ginger ninjas in my home - I also have a red heeler and an orange cat. My photography philosophy is to learn the rules then break them with intention. I love to create storytelling images with moody shadows, earthy tones and vintage grain. I’m all about the wild hair, the free-range kids and the rough around the edges realness.”


Sarah Legg

Sarah Legg is a Year 12 student at John Curtin College of the Arts and is currently doing her ATAR in Photography & Design, and Media Arts. Sarah is passionate about all things media, including taking headshots of performers in Western Australia, capturing parties and formal events and creating short films with her partner under the name Filindeu Films.


David Broadway

David Broadway has been working in the Photography industry since 2003. He is a professional photographer who combines precise technical skills with an approachable and personable demeanour. In 2011, David and a group of Perth Photographers were appointed the official photographers for The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2011, commonly known as CHOGM 2011.