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Fire Hazards and Bush Fires

Bush Fires

Owners/occupiers of land within the City of Nedlands are required under The Bush Fires Act 1954, to clear all flammable materials, immediately inside all external boundaries of the land and also immediately surrounding buildings on the land during the bush fire season.

The bush fire season begins 30 November up to and including 31 March each year.

Before you call have the following information ready:

  • Where are you and where is the fire?
  • Street names and nearest intersection.
  • Your name and contact number
  • What is on fire, house, car, bush land or something else?
  • Is anyone in the house, car or bushland at risk, also is there any property at risk?
  • Do not put yourself at risk to gather information, if you do not know simply provide your location, name and contact number. Help stop Arson. Report any suspicious activities to Police immediately.

Bush Fire Notice

Rangers patrol for compliance with the Bush Fire Notice and the Bush Fire Act 1954, and residents are also welcome to report properties or areas which they think may be a fire hazard and Rangers will investigate.

Penalties apply for failure to comply with the Land Clearance Notice. Clearance of land is by mowing, slashing or grading to create a fire break or clearance of flammable material subject to size of property.

You may not burn off at anytime within the City of Nedlands under our Health Local Laws, except with written approval from the City of Nedlands.

Penalties apply and Emergency Services may also respond, wasting valuable resources and time. All bush fire hazards should be reported to the City.

Click here for the current Bush Fire Notice