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Food Recalls

Australia has a national food recall system for removing food that may pose a risk to public health or safety from distribution, sale and consumption. Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) coordinates and monitors food recalls in Australia in consultation with state and territory governments and a sponsor (usually the food product(s) manufacturer or importer). Commonly a food recall will result from routine monitoring or complaints and are usually initiated on the basis of undeclared allergens, presence of foreign objects (i.e. metal, plastic), contamination or improper product labelling.

Developing a food recall plan

Food businesses are responsible for ensuring that only safe and suitable food is offered for distribution, sale and consumption. All food manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and importers are required by law to have a written food recall plan. Any food business initiating a food recall must be able to provide certain information to FSANZ about the company, manufacturer, food product and distribution of the product, so that product to be recalled can be properly identified and traced. FSANZ has developed a Food Industry Recall Protocol and food recall templates to assist food businesses in developing a recall plan that contains all the necessary elements to remove food products from distribution, sale and consumption. 

Conducting a food recall

If a food business believes it may need to remove a product(s) from sale or distribution or notify the public because a food product(S) could be unsafe, the following government agencies are to be notified:

Food Recall Coordinator
(02) 6271 2610
After hours 0412 166 965
WA Department of Health
Food Unit
08 9388 4999

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Recalls & Hazard Assessment Section
1300 302 502 

Recall Alert Subscription

Whilst the City does send out recall notifications to applicable food businesses, it is recommended that all food businesses sign up to the free subscription service offered on the FSANZ website. Detailed information on current and previous food recalls is located on the FSANZ food recalls website.

More Information & Resources

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