Hackett Hall Closure

Why is Hackett Hall closed?

The City made the decision to close Hackett Hall until further notice due to safety concerns about the structural integrity of the building.  The safety issues were identified in an independent structural report on the building. Having received this report, the City had to consider safety as the highest priority, and has therefore made the decision to close the building.

What steps were taken to consult the user groups?

Following the delivery of the report, the City immediately notified the user groups of the hall including Playlovers Inc. about the safety concerns and the need to immediately close the hall. Playlovers are long-term users and have leased the hall from the City of Nedlands since 2009.

The City also notified the other user groups that hire the facility from Playlovers, including a dance group, an art class and classes for pre-kindergarten aged children. 

When was the hall built?

Hackett Hall is a building that has a strong community identity, with funds having been raised for its original construction by the surrounding local community in 1960. 

What are the City's plans for the future of the building/site?

 There has been no decision made about the longer-term future of Hackett Hall at this stage. It will take some time to thoroughly consider all options for its future. A detailed Needs Analysis, including consultation with user groups and the community, will also need to be undertaken before any long term decision is made.

Has the City considered demolition?

No the City has not considered demolition or any other option at this stage. The City has only responded to the immediate need to close the building. The longer-term decision will depend on a number of factors including, firstly, what type of community facility is needed by the community in that area and whether the current building has the capacity to meet those needs, once it is made safe and brought up to standard.

The City is aware that there is a strong community attachment to the building; therefore one of the options that will be investigated and costed is the option of bringing the building back up to standard.