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Judy’s here to help

Judy Denton, Senior Customer Services Officer at the City of Nedlands, is often inundated with chocolates from appreciative residents.

Judy has worked at the City of Nedlands for almost 20 years and in that time has become the familiar face of the City for many people. In her time, she has seen people grow up, grow old, move out of Nedlands and move back again.

She’s got plenty of stories to tell, but she’s far too discreet to tell any tales. She does recount stories of possums crashing through the ceiling onto staff members’ desks, and a ghost who may or may not wander the corridors of the administration building after dark.

She has lent a sympathetic ear to residents and sorted out many a problem. Her in-depth knowledge about the workings of the council means she can often sort out most queries – or she knows where to direct people if she can’t or it’s not a council issue.

Judy’s gentle manner and long tenure have made her a trusted figure.

An elderly resident regularly brings her chocolates. His vision is not what it used to be these days, so sometimes he also brings in a letter or a bill and asks Judy to read it for him and let him know what he needs to do, such is the trust placed in her.

“It gives me a good feeling to be able to help people,” said Judy.

There are sadder sides to the job as well, such as watching people grow older and become forgetful, coming into council and asking questions, then returning the next day and asking the same thing.

Judy gives the council a sense of stability. She said that if a resident hasn’t been into council for a while, they are always relieved to see her.

“They’ll say – ‘Oh I’m so glad you’re still here, I know you’ll be able to help me.’”

Luckily she has a good memory.

“I know their history and background so they don’t have to go through the story again of what happened last year or the year before because I know,” she said.

She occasionally gets stopped by local business people or even residents when she’s out for a lunchtime walk or in the local shops.

“People out in their gardens will see me and say – ‘Oh Judy, when’s this happening, when’s that happening?’

She has had a few different roles within the council, but always came back to customer service – she loves the contact with people.

Judy is thinking about retirement but hasn’t made any decisions yet. As grandmother to nine-month old twins, she will have plenty to keep her busy when that day comes, but for the moment, she’s happy to remain as one of the best-known faces of Nedlands.

Faces of Nedlands

Faces of Nedlands

The Faces of Nedlands project was conceived to bring to life the many people who have contributed to the community in Nedlands in various fields.This is a community focused project about people who make Nedlands a great place to live. Over 2015 - 2016, we will profile 12 faces - some familiar, some not so familiar.