Lost and Found Animals

Lost and Found Dogs

All persons who observe or find dogs wandering in public places or on private land without the owners consent should contact Rangers immediately. If you have lost your dog contact your Local Government to advise them, leave contact details, a description of the dog and where it was lost. It is also advisable to contact the local vet.

An impounding fee will be charged, as well as a levy for each day a dog is in the pound.


A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice. Inserted by a local vet, the microchip causes no discomfort or pain to your animal companion. The barcode on the microchip is linked to your contact details and recorded on the Central Animal Records Database for the life of your pet. This means your animal is permanently identified Australia wide and can be safely returned to you, (even if its collar or Council ID disc has come off). Microchips do not replace the need to register your dog every 1 or 3 years.


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