Clarification on Local Planning Scheme No. 3 requirements

The City of Nedlands has been made aware of misinformation circulating to the community in relation to Local Planning Scheme No. 3.

In response, the City has sought to clarify the planning process in relation to scheme – and urges people to visit Your Voice Nedlands or call the planning department on 9273 3500 for the correct information.

It comes after Planning Minister Rita Saffioti directed the City to make modifications to LPS3 before it is endorsed and gazetted.

Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations require the City to provide a copy of the modified scheme to the WA Planning Commission within 42 days of receiving the Minister’s direction. 

Director Planning and Development Peter Mickleson said the City has until 15 March to provide the document to the WAPC, in accordance with these regulations.

“In the meantime, the Minister’s office has released a map of Nedlands and Dalkeith for public information showing the densities that will result from the modifications,” he said. 

“A map showing properties that will be zoned mixed use has also been provided for public information.” 

Both maps are available on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website

City officers have been assisting community members in interpreting the density map and can be contacted on 9273 3500 or email for any enquiries.

“The minister’s schedule of modifications contains technical instructions to the City, describing how officers are to amend the Local Planning Scheme text and maps,” Mr Mickleson said. 

“For this reason, the schedule of modifications is a confidential document intended for planning officer interpretation. 

“The document’s confidentiality should ensure administration has sufficient time to prepare a community engagement strategy, explaining the final scheme’s contents in clear, understandable language.” 

Once the scheme is gazetted, the City will hold information sessions to help the community understand and interpret the new scheme requirements. 

Mr Mickleson also highlighted misinformation that has been circulated in relation to the scheme requirements associated with laneway widening in the Nedlands area. 

“The requirement to provide land to widen an existing laneway so it can be used for vehicle access and servicing will only apply when landowners themselves decide to subdivide or re-develop with more than one dwelling,” he said. 

“The requirement to contribute land to widen an existing laneway to an appropriate width is common practice throughout Perth’s metropolitan area and is even applied currently in the City of Nedlands under Town Planning Scheme No. 2.”

Mr Mickleson said City officers would continue to provide updates throughout the LPS3 process in a transparent and professional manner.