When it comes to canopy Nedlands has it covered

When it comes to canopy Nedlands has it covered

Ensuring a strong, sustainable tree canopy is one of the City of Nedlands’ highest priorities. For this reason it welcomes a recent study undertaken by the University of Western Australia,  RMIT University and CSIRO which establishes a credible method of predicting the extent of tree canopies for the future. 

Furthermore, the study undertaken by Alex Saunders, John Duncan and Bryan Boruff (UWA), Joe Hurley and  Marco Amati (RMIT), and Peter Caccetta and Joanne Chia (CSIRO) and published in the journal Landscape and Urban Planning 199 (2020), suggests Nedlands is doing well and will continue to do so when it comes to residential canopy cover. 

The study sought to find a predictive model for canopy cover on residential lots (excluding street trees and public open space), and specifically investigated the City of Nedlands in assessing its findings.

City of Nedlands CEO, Mark Goodlet says this is very encouraging for the City.
“Aside from establishing the main predictors for tree canopy, which is helpful, there is another very positive story here for the City of Nedlands.

“According to the study, between 2009 and 2050, the City of Nedlands will see an overall increase in residential tree canopy, no matter which of the assessed development scenarios occur.  That is:
• No development which would result in a 6.9ha increase in canopy cover,
• A full TPS2 development scenario which would see a 2.9ha increase in canopy cover, or
• 7,517 more dwellings as planned under LPS3 which would result in a 4.0ha increase in canopy cover.
“This predictive model shows that between 2009 and 2050 the City’s canopy cover would increase by 3.1% under LPS3.  Additional tree planting programs carried out by the City, including street trees and park trees, would be a bonus”.

In addition, the City’s participation in the longitudinal WESROC tree canopy study currently underway, is also ensuring the City can monitor and respond to tree canopy changes for the future.

For further information see the article Leaf my neighbourhood alone! predicting the influence of densification on residential tree canopy cover in Perth.