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Native Plant Subsidy Scheme

Each year the City of Nedlands, as part of WESROC (Western Suburbs Regional Organisation of Councils) offers price-subsidised native seedlings to local residents and business owners.

The aim of the subsidy is to encourage the planting of native plants to create attractive, low maintenance water-wise gardens that in turn provide habitat for native birds and insects.

The City also encourages the planting of native gardens on roadside verges. 

The plant subsidy scheme supports the Western Suburbs Greening Plan and is based on the following principles:

  • Maintaining and enhancing existing remnant bushlands within urban and suburban areas;
  • Joining remnant bushland through vegetated green corridors;
  • Creating additional habitat areas where possible, and
  • Creating public open space, streetscapes, gardens and privately-owned land that collectively help to contribute to the creation of green corridors.

Price-subsidised seedlings are available from APACE Nursery in North Fremantle where staff are on hand to assist with plant advice and selection.  The scheme is usually held during the month of May each year to allow seedlings to establish during the wetter, cooler months.  

2020 Update
Early in 2020, WESROC was actively supporting and promoting the Native Plant Subsidy Scheme and planning our education workshops.  

The COVID-19 shutdown in March saw the workshops cancelled and although many people were spending more time at home and in their gardens, there was a slight drop in customers accessing the subsidised plant packs from APACE.

Up to the start of June, Nedlands residents had purchased 2600 plants, leaving 20 packs still available.  In past years, we’ve completely sold out so this year, we decided to extend the scheme for another two weeks to June 19, or until stocks run out, whichever comes first. Overall, it looks like we’ll sell our quota, so that’s a good result.

2020 is the International year of Plant Health with a special focus on plants that support the environment.  The City of Nedlands is actively playing our part in supporting plant health through greenway projects, urban bushland and the many re-generation programs underway throughout the City.


2019 Update

In 2019, the WESROC Native Plant Subsidy Scheme (NPSS) continued to grow supplying a further 15,992 native plants to residents within the WESROC area. This continuing support demonstrates the community will to protect and extend green corridors across private land encouraging protection of our unique flora and fauna. The total number of plants supplied through this scheme now rises to an impressive 145,509 plants since 2008.

2018 Native Plant Subsidy Scheme a big success

The WESROC Native Plant Subsidy Scheme has done it again – topping last year’s highest amount of plants sold since the program began in 2008. This year a total of 15,449 plants were sold, an increase of 1,708 plants sold in 2017. 

Five of the seven participating local governments sold out with three local governments increasing the initial amount of plants available due to overwhelming community support. We hope the community will continue to support the scheme, recognising the benefits of native plants and providing green corridors throughout the WESROC region.