Nedlands 2028: a vision for the future

Nedlands 2028: a vision for the future

The future of Nedlands is here – or, at the very least, a document to guide the City along the way.  Nedlands 2028 is a strategic community plan that maps out a vision for the next 10 years, outlining how the City can continue to be “be an environmentally-sensitive, beautiful and inclusive place”.  

Developed in consultation with the community, key stakeholders, elected members and City staff, the plan highlights initiatives, strategies and goals to lead Nedlands over the next decade. 

It is the second strategic community plan developed under the State Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, outlined in the Local Government Act 1995, requiring local governments to undertake strategic planning for the future.

“This plan is the culmination of a lot of discussion and input by a myriad of people who believe Nedlands is a unique and desirable place to be – and want to make it even better,” City of Nedlands CEO Greg Trevaskis said.

“It’s a long-term plan where the City has considered its vision, values, aspirations and priorities while also considering the challenge of balancing community aspirations, service delivery levels, priorities and affordability.

“Local government policies and decisions have a significant effect on our lives, whether it be our personal homes, local streets or the shaping of our community in general.

“An important aspect of this is ensuring local people are able to have a say with input into the decision-making process – and I am pleased by those who took the time to take part in our workshops and community engagement for our strategic community plan. 

“This commitment to community engagement has highlighted Nedlands’ needs into the future and our City is now in a strong position to further progress and capitalise on opportunities that will deliver positive outcomes.”

  • Some of the City’s priorities over the next decade include:
  • Renewing community assets and infrastructure. 
  • Continuing to progress the roll-out of underground power across the remainder of the City.
  • Ensuring the quality of the environment is protected through sustainable building, appropriate urban development and retention of bushland areas.
  • The provision of bikeways and off-road trails to be part of a comprehensive western suburbs network, linking Nedlands with adjoining local governments.
  • Investing in sport and recreation.
  • Managing parking.

“I am confident that, by using Nedlands 2028 and keeping it relevant to community aspirations and changing circumstances, the great things we all cherish about Nedlands can be retained and, at the same time, we can grow the City into an even more vital, prosperous and sustainable place,” Mr Trevaskis said. 

“It gives the City of Nedlands a clear direction, enabling it to deliver results for the community over the next decade.”

Nedlands 2028 can be viewed at Your Voice Nedlands. Copies are also available from the City’s administration centre and Nedlands and Mt Claremont Libraries.

Click the image to download Nedlands 2028