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Noise Management

Noise Management Plans for construction & essential services

When do I need a Noise Management Plan (NMP)?
Common situations which will require a Noise Management Plan include:
• At the request of the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Nedlands; or
• Construction work between 7pm – 7am Monday – Saturday or on a Sunday or public holiday; or
• Essential services e.g. waste collection, street sweeping conducted between 7pm – 7am Monday – Saturday or on a Sunday or public holiday; or

What to include in a Noise Management Plan

As a minimum Noise Management Plans must address the following information:

  1. Where it involves construction work, works are carried out in accordance with control of environmental noise practices set out in section 4 of AS 2436-2010 Guide to noise and vibration control on construction, maintenance and demolition sites
  2. Justification, why activities need to be conducted outside of usual hours
  3. Equipment used will be the quietest reasonably available
  4. Name and contact details supervisors/managers or others responsible for the project
  5. Location of activities (include map or street numbers)
  6. Details and duration of all activities on the construction site likely to result in noise emissions that fail to comply with the standard prescribed under regulation 7 of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 including –
        a. Details of the work schedule including dates, times and duration of the work
        b. Details of all activities and equipment to be used that may result in noise emissions
  7. Predicted noise emissions
  8. Details of noise and vibration control measures to be implemented
  9. Methods of noise and vibration monitoring during the works
  10. Complaint recording and response procedures, include an example of community notification leaflet where used

The level of detail expected in addressing the above criteria will depend on the scale, duration, hours and type of work employed.
For assistance in preparing a Noise Management Plan please refer to the template and guidance documents below

Submitting a Noise Management Plan

Completed Noise Management Plans are to be submitted to the City of Nedlands Health Services Department for consideration by the Chief Executive Officer. Noise Management Plans are to be submitted with the Noise Management Plan Application form and application fee.
Plans must be submitted with all information along with payment of the application fee received no later than 7 days prior to the proposed date of works. As this is a legislative requirement noise management plans received outside this time frame cannot be considered.

Noise Management Plan for 6am-7am road sweeping works – Waratah Avenue, Broadway and Hampden Road, Nedlands 

The City has approved a Noise Management Plan submitted by Drainflow Services under Regulation 14A of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 for carrying out road sweeping activities before 7am.

The early works are to be carried out once per month, between 6am and 7am, on a designated day between Monday and Friday. 

The designated streets included in this approval are:

  • Broadway, south of Stirling Highway (northbound)
  • Hampden Road, north of Stirling Highway (northbound)
  • Waratah Avenue (both directions)

Early road sweeping works on public holidays and weekends are specifically excluded from this approval.

As part of this approval process, the City sought comments from members of the community regarding the submitted Noise Management Plan, in line with the requirements of Regulation 14A (8-10). The City has duly considered all submissions received during the consultation period, with a view to making an informed decision in approving these early works. A summary of the submissions received, and responses, can be viewed online below.

The works schedule proposed by Drainflow Services is designed to minimise the overall impact on persons and local businesses, reduce the risk of pedestrian and plant interaction and improve the productivity and quality of sweeping works for a safer and more effective operation. 

Drainflow Services is required to comply with the approved Noise Management Plan. The purpose of this noise management plan is to describe how the noise impact from early road sweeping activities will be managed and minimised by Drainflow Services. A copy of the plan can be viewed online below or in person, on request, at the City of Nedlands Administration Office, 71 Stirling Highway, Nedlands.

The early road sweeping works are scheduled to begin monthly from the week starting 15 October 2018. The approval is valid for three years and will be reviewed in August-September 2021. 

An annual review of the Noise Management Plan's operations and effectiveness will also be undertaken, with a view to making improvements to mitigate any identified noise impacts where it is practicable and reasonable to do so.

Complaints and/or comments regarding works being carried out are to be directed to Drainflow Services by contacting 9209 0500 and requesting to speak with the HSEQ Officer or General Manager.

Further information

For further information. please contact an Environmental Health Officer on 9273 3500 or

Reversing alarms info sheet
Noise Management Plan (NMP) application form
NMP Template domestic construction
General NMP Template
Construction NMP Guide


Reversing alarms info sheet

Noise Management Plan (NMP) application form

NMP Template domestic construction

General NMP Template

Construction NMP Guide