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Opening a New Food Business

Should you wish to open a new food business within the City of Nedlands, the first step requires contacting the Planning Department to ensure that the proposed business will be compliant with the Town Planning Scheme. Depending upon the proposed changes, separate Planning and/or Building Applications may also be required. Applicants are advised that new developments must comply with current standards and issues such as disability access can mean that older premises require substantial alterations. You should contact the respective departments prior to commencement of any works to discuss your proposal.

Notification and Registration

Under the Food Act 2008 all food businesses must notify the City of Nedlands by completing the Food Business Notifications / Registration Form together with one off payments of applicable fees, some exemptions to these fees may apply for charitable or community organisations. Based on the information contained within the Food Business Notification / Registration Form the food business will be risk rated in accordance with the FSANZ Food Business Risk Classification System from which an Annual Food Surveillance fee will be applied. The purpose of this fee is to cover the allocated number of inspections according to the risk classification of the food business. Please note that it is an offence under the Food Act 2008 to operate a food business without notifying the relevant local authority within 7 days of a change taking place.


If you are planning on making any internal or structural alterations you will need to submit an Application for Food Premises Alteration/ Fit-out together with the application. It is recommended you consult with the City’s Food Business Development Guideline for specific information on the requirements that must be met.

Outdoor Dining

In addition to a Planning Approval should you wish to have alfresco dining on public land an Application for Outdoor Dining Licence must be submitted to the City’s Environmental Health Section together with any supporting documentation outlined in the application form.

Liquor Licencing

If you are wanting a liquor licence you will be required to apply to the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor, Liquor Licensing Division. Liquor cannot be sold from the premises until a licence has been issued. Where an alfresco area exists on public land you will need to apply for an extended trading permit from the Department to enable the sale of liquor in this area.