Pest and Weed Control

An integrated pest management approach has been adopted by the City with the aim of minimising pesticide use where possible whilst continuing to maintain the City's parkland and bushland to community expectations. Cultural practices or biological methods are preferred to the use of chemicals where practicable. Chemicals when used are selected with the lowest toxicity possible to deal with the problem.

The City consults with other agencies including the Department of Health, WALGA, UWA, other Local Governments and independent consulting companies with the view to identifying and implementing improved pest and weed control practices.

A Pesticide Use Notification Plan has been implemented which sets out the method of notifying the public of pest and weed control activities within the City. Helping the community understand the difference between a product (trade name) and the active ingredients (chemicals) is an issue addressed by the notification plan.

We are maintaining a register of properties where owners/residents do not wish to have glyphosate applied on adjacent footpaths or kerb lines outside their properties.  Please contact us to provide your details if you would like to be added to this register.

Parks and Sports Grounds

Weeds and pests are treated only when necessary in order to minimise chemical use and includes the use of organic based non toxic pest control products where possible.

Broadleaf weed control is undertaken in turf areas in the City's parks once annually for various nuisance weeds such as bindii, clover, capeweed and calthrop. A white, non toxic, biodegradable foam marker is mixed with the herbicide to mark areas that have been sprayed. City officers supervise the herbicide application works at all times and all people involved with the works are required to comply with all relevant regulations and legislation.

When the works are in progress the park will have signage displayed until the treated surface has dried. The City asks that the public avoid walking across treated turf areas whilst the signage is in place.

Roads, Kerbs and Footpaths

The City of Nedlands uses glyphosate for weed control in road, kerb and footpath areas. This program reduces the City's herbicide use and is one of few local governments that currently carry out weed control using this technology.


The City of Nedlands undertakes an annual environmental weed control program of priority environmental weeds in bushland reserves as recommended in bushland management plans. Herbicide application is only used in bushland areas where manual and biological removal is impractical and or expensive.