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Development Applications

Do I need development approval?

Development approval is required for all works and/or a change in land use unless:

a) Permitted under the City’s policies and/or the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015; and/or

b) Works that complies with the Deemed-to-Comply provisions of the Residential Design Codes (R Codes).

When development approval is required to be obtained for proposed works and/or a change in land use, landowners are required to make an application to the City before obtaining a building permit or commencing operation of a use.

How can I find out if I need development approval?

The City has established a Deemed-to-Comply Check process to assist landowners and applicants working with certain forms of development to certify whether or not a development application is necessary.
Further information can be obtained by visiting the Deemed-to-Comply Check section on the City’s website.

What needs to be submitted as part of a development application?

When submitting a development application the following is required to be provided:

  • A completed Development Application Checklist form (to be signed and dated) by the applicant and then this will be signed by the receiving officer (attached to the DA Form 1);
  • A completed Development Application Form 1 (if to be determined by the City of Nedlands), or a completed MRS Form 1 if to be determined by the Western Australian Planning Commission) and, if applicable, a Development Assessment Panel Form 1 or 2. For more information visit the Development Assessment Panel Applications page;
  • Copy of Certificate of Title – including diagram and any relevant instruments such as restrictive covenants or easements;
  • The applicable development application fee;
  • A copy of a detailed site plan, elevations and/or floor plan drawn to a 1:100 or 1:200 scale;
  • If applicable, a completed Home Business Details Form and/or Signage Details Form;
  • If applicable, written justification as to why variations should be supported; and
  • Any further supporting documents deemed necessary (e.g. traffic impact assessment, bushfire hazard assessment etc.).

Development Applications can be submitted electronically via the City's email address, in person to the City's Administration Office or alternatively by post PO Box 9, Nedlands WA 6909.

Failure to provide adequate information will either result in the development application not being accepted or returned to the applicant.

For a comprehensive list of requirements relevant to the application type please refer to the Development Application Checklist.


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