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Planning Schemes

Existing Town Planning Scheme No.2

The City’s existing Town Planning Scheme No. 2 (TPS 2) is the legal document used to guide land use and development in the City of Nedlands. All current planning decisions are based on this document.  

A copy of the current TPS 2 text and maps can be obtained from the Western Australian Planning Commission’s (WAPC) website via City of Nedlands (TPS 2) 


Complex Scheme Amendment No. 208 – Bedbrook Place 

Scheme Amendment No. 208 is currently being advertised. This complex scheme amendment proposes to:

  • Zoning the following lots Special Use: No. 5 (Lot 12830), No. 7 (Lot 12829), No. 9 (Lot 11329), No. 4 (Lot 10024) & No. 6 (Lot 9722) Bedbrook Place and No. 17 (Lot 11605) Lemnos Street, Shenton Park.
  • Amend Schedule V – Special Use Zone to include permitted uses and relevant development provisions.

This proposal is being advertised until 5pm, Friday 29 June 2018. 

For more information and copies of the Scheme Amendment report and submission form, please visit Your Voice Nedlands.


Proposed draft Local Planning Scheme No. 3

The City of Nedlands has prepared draft Local Planning Scheme No. 3 (LPS 3), which is proposed to replace the City’s existing Town Planning Scheme No. 2, gazetted in 1985.

Your property may be affected by draft LPS 3

The City encourages you to go to Your Voice Nedlands to view a copy of the scheme and search for your property using the interactive mapping.

Draft LPS 3 provides the land use and development control provisions to implement some of the concepts developed in the Local Planning Strategy. The City bases planning decisions on the provisions and controls within its Local Planning Scheme.

Consultation now closed

Draft Local Planning Scheme No. 3 was advertised to the community from the beginning of December 2017 until the end of March 2018.

More than 1,000 submissions were received as part of the consultation process. The City is now considering each submission and will begin discussions with Council on the key issues raised.

Ultimately, a report will be presented to Council which may recommend changes to the scheme, based on the issues raised in the submissions. Council’s resolution, along with the schedule of submissions, will be forwarded to the WA Planning Commission and Minister for Planning for final consideration.

For queries regarding the draft LPS 3 or the consultation process, please contact the City’s Strategic Planning Team on 9273 3500 or visit Your Voice Nedlands.