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Preliminary subdivision assessment

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is responsible for approving all subdivision applications in our state.  A property’s subdivision potential depends on its zoning and (if Residential zoned) its density coding (eg R12.5).

Details on a property’s zoning density coding can be obtained from the City’s online Mapping.

The City is unable to provide advice on project feasibility, or offer a design service, and suggests landowners seek professional advice. However, the City has developed a preliminary assessment of proposed subdivisions process to assist landowners and applicants with identifying any matters under Town Planning Scheme No.2 (TPS 2), the WAPC’s State Planning Policy 3.1 – Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) and/or Council policies that may need to be addressed before lodging a formal subdivision application with the WAPC.

The preliminary planning assessment application and fee can be submitted by the applicant to the City via email and is to include the applicable credit card details for payment of the fee. It can also be submitted via post or in person. As an alternative to providing credit card details in writing, the applicant can pay the required fee by calling the City on 9273 3500.

The City will provide comment on the preliminary plans within 10 working days of the application and fee being received.  

More information can be obtained from the preliminary assessment of proposed subdivisions information sheet.

Provisions relating to a property’s subdivision potential exist in the City’s TPS 2 and the R-Codes.

More information on the subdivision process can be viewed on the WAPC website.