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Preliminary Planning Assessment

In cases where a development application is necessary and the development is complex in nature, the City has developed the Preliminary Planning Assessment system to assist landowners and applicants proposing any of the following forms of development, to identify any matters that may need to be addressed prior to lodging a formal development application.   

  • Five or more grouped dwellings;
  • Multiple Dwellings;
  • Mixed use developments; and
  • Non-residential buildings. 

This service will allow preliminary feedback to be provided from the following services:

  • Planning;
  • Building;
  • Waste;
  • Environmental Health;
  • Parks; and
  • Engineering.  

This preliminary feedback will inform as to what additional information is required to be submitted with your development application, if amendments are required and/or if the proposal is likely to be supported by the City.

The Preliminary Planning Assessment application and fee can be submitted by the applicant to the City via email which is to include the applicable credit card details for payment of the fee, or via the post or in person.  As an alternative to providing credit card details in writing, the applicant can pay the required fee by telephoning the City on 9273 3500.

The City will provide comment on the preliminary plans within 15 working days of the application and fee being received.

Landowners and applicants will not be charged by the City if enquiring about the general requirements such as, but not limited to, a property's zoning/ density coding, the setback requirements, and the building and/or wall height requirements. 

Preliminary Planning Assessment - Application and Checklist


Preliminary Planning Assessment - Application and Checklist