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Snakes and wildlife

Australia is home to a large number of various species of snakes. Different species are similar in appearance and are extremely difficult to differentiate from one another – while some snakes display high variations in appearance within a particular species. 

Snakes near your house

  • Do not approach the snake  most snakebites occur when people try to catch and kill them.
  • Keep pets away from the area  dogs and cats may be curious or aggressive towards snakes.
  • Watch it from a safe vantage point  ideally watch it from an elevated platform.
  • Contact a qualified person or the Rangers to remove the snake  if possible, have somebody else make the phone call, rather than the person keeping an eye on the snake.
  • Discouraging snakes  snakes are attracted areas because they are after food and habitat. By decreasing their availability, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of snakes entering the vicinity around your house. 

Rangers are able to assist with the removal of snakes. Please ensure that someone watches the snake from a vantage point to assist Rangers with locating and removing the snake. Please contact Ranger Services on 9273 3500 during business hours Monday to Friday. 

Contact Wildcare on 9474 9055 if you come across native wildlife that has been injured. 

If you notice injured native wildlife, please contact Wildcare on 9474 9055. 

Wildcare is a volunteer-based department that is part of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions' Parks and Wildlife Service. The wildlife volunteers answering your call will put you in touch with your nearest registered wildlife rehabilitator. Rangers may assist with capture and immediate release if the animal is not injured.