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Street Sweeping

The City engages a contractor to sweep all of the City controlled roads, City owned carparks, Principal Shared Paths (PSP) and bitumen sealed laneways throughout the City on a regular basis.

The Council Policy for sweeping has determined the following frequency for the sweeping areas and they are:

  • Business Districts – Sweeping undertaken every 4 weeks
  • City Owned Carparks – Sweeping undertaken every 4 weeks 
  • Principal Shared Paths (PSP) - Sweeping undertaken every 3 weeks 
  • Roads and bitumen sealed laneways – Sweeping undertaken every 6 weeks 

Note: The contractor will not be able to sweep areas where cars are parked, and the City has directed the contractor not to use handheld blowers to blow deleterious material from under parked vehicles.

Please find street sweeping schedule and map below.