Town Planning Scheme No. 2

A town planning scheme is a legal document that applies to a defined area. It confers rights on land by specifying how this land may be used and developed. A town planning scheme also outlines the processes to be followed before development can occur and provides a local authority with the ability to enforce the provisions of the scheme.

The aim of a town planning scheme is to ensure orderly and proper planning.

Town Planning Scheme No. 2

The City of Nedlands Town Planning Scheme No. 2 (TPS2) applies to the area of jurisdiction of the City of Nedlands. TPS2 is subordinate to the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) and State Policies. It is also supported by the Residential Design Guidelines, Heritage provisions, Local Planning Policies and Design Guidelines.

It is the primary planning document and comprises of the Scheme Text and Scheme Maps.

Under TPS2 land is zoned (eg Residential, Office/Showroom) or reserved (eg Open Space, Education, Public purpose) and the landuses (eg shop, restaurant,) are determined on the basis of each zone. In addition to the residential zone, a density code (eg R10, R12.5) also applies to residential land.

Town Planning Scheme No. 3 (proposed)

TPS2 was gazetted in 1985 and is currently being reviewed to create Town Planning Scheme No. 3 (Draft TPS3). Draft TPS3 has been endorsed by Council and is awaiting State Government approval to undertake community consultation (advertising).


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