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Underground Power Scheme

Underground Power - Community Engagement Results

The results from the 2014 Underground Power Scheme Community Survey have been collated and can be viewed here

This information was presented to Councillors in a workshop in July who have instructed Administration to continue looking into options in order to identify if any alternative proposals can be investigated and put forward to the Community. 

We will continue to update the Community via the newspaper and website as and when further information becomes available. 

Should you have any further enquiries or feedback please contact the City on 9273 3500 or

Community Update - July 2014

The City would like to thank the community for their responses to the underground power community survey.

The City received an excellent response to the survey with over 1,000 surveys returned and over 250 email and phone enquiries.

Over the last month, the City has been collating the responses which are being prepared into a report which will be presented to Council at a designated workshop in July for their information. This workshop will decide on the next steps for the project.

A community engagement report of the survey will be available over the coming months and the City will endeavour to ensure that the community is kept informed on this report.

If you have any further questions, please contact the City on 9273 3500.

Underground Power Scheme

The City of Nedlands is currently investigating how the community feels about a scheme that would provide underground power to the remaining 2,600 properties without the service.

Western Power has quoted that it will cost approximately $41.1 million in total to provide the scheme.  Unfortunately, attempts to secure state grant funding towards these costs have so far have been unsuccessful, with the City unlikely to be successful in the foreseeable future.  

The City of Nedlands is consulting property owners without underground power if they would like the service based on information available and the possible costs associated. Each property owner currently without the service has been sent a community survey along with an information brochure on the scheme. The results from the consultation will be used to guide future decisions Council makes in relation to the scheme.

The deadline for the community survey is Friday 23rd May. 

Information Brochure

You may view a copy of the information brochure by clicking on the link below.

Have your say

  • Completing the Survey Online by clicking here
  • Download the survey below and return it via any of the below methods
  • Post to - City of Nedlands, PO Box 9, NEDLANDS, WA 6909
  • E-mail
  • Fax to 08 9273 3670
  • In person visit the Administration Centre at:71 Stirling Hwy,NEDLANDS WA 6009

Any other Questions?

Below is a list of frequently asked questions which we hope will answer any queries you may have; alternatively you can email the City at call or write to the City to discuss this.  Please note that the City is sending this survey to a lot of households, so please be patient while we respond to your queries, and will endeavour to answer your queries as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any state government grants available for installing underground power?

The State Government Underground Power Programme (SUPP) has grants available to local governments for installing underground power.  The City has applied, and unfortunately been unsuccessful in securing any grants through this program. The City has also been advised that it is very unlikely to be successful for funding in the future due to increasing competition for the program.

Is there a reason that the City of Nedlands has been unsuccessful in achieving the (SUPP) grants?

The areas of Nedlands that still don’t have underground power are not considered a priority by the State for these grants. This is because our existing overhead power infrastructure is considered to be sufficiently robust and reliable with rare and few reported cases of unplanned outages.

Also, as Hollywood Hospital is serviced by overhead power, the infrastructure has always been maintained to a high level and is superior to overhead power services in some other parts of the State.  SUPP grants are prioritised by areas that have less dependable overhead power.

Why is the City consulting the community again when this has already been done in the past?

The last time the City completed a full survey about underground power was around 15 years ago.  The City wants to investigate if property owners still feel strongly about having underground power installed based on the costs associated. We also want to ensure that we capture new property owners who may not have been surveyed before.

Also, the last time the City surveyed the community, the City was being awarded SUPP grants which are now unlikely to be available.

Will the recent works undertaken by Western Power have any impact on the installation of underground power?

No. The works carried out by Western Power was maintenance that was required on the infrastructure. It will have no effect on the City’s status for state funding nor would it affect the possible costs to deliver underground power in the future.

Would Western Power be supportive of the Underground Power Scheme?

Yes. Western Power has completed a feasibility study on behalf of the City for the installation of underground power to the remaining areas without the service and have provided the City with the estimated costs to carry out the works.  Should this scheme go ahead the City would work in collaboration with Western Power to implement the scheme.

Why do other areas in the City of Nedlands have underground power and we don’t?

In 1997, the City made a submission for SUPP funding which was successful and 3,400 properties had underground power installed from the funding.

At the time, the properties were determined by an electrical engineering consultant based on a number of environmental factors and Western Power guidelines.  Unfortunately, we did not get to supply the service to the whole City.

How likely is it that the Underground Power scheme will progress?

As part of the investigation process the first thing we need to identify is if the community still feels very strongly about having underground power based on the information presented.

Should the community express strongly that it would like to go ahead with the scheme, the City will then investigate the scheme further and obtain detailed designs and costings prepared.

Once we have detailed designs and costings we will once again consult the community before a final decision is made. We will also ensure that the City’s website is kept up to date on the scheme.

What if I have a high voltage power line in front of my property? Will these be put underground?

There are two types of power lines - distribution and transmission. Transmission lines are not possible to be moved underground. Both types of lines are sometimes referred to as 'high tension' or 'high voltage'; as distribution lines can also carry a higher voltage than the 'norm' in some instances.

Poles will sometimes carry both types of lines with the distribution lines being the ones that actually power the residential homes. In these instances, these lines can be taken off and put underground, but the poles would not be removed from the street as they would remain to continue carrying the transmission lines that cannot be moved underground. It is unlikely there would be any underground power works carried out in these cases so you misregard this survey if this is applicable to where you live.

If you are unsure about power lines, please ring Western Power on 13 10 87 press 4 and then 4 again.

Would I be responsible for paying for underground power if Council decided to implement this scheme to provide underground power to my property?

Yes, that is possible.  The City understands that this is a massive decision and could have a significant cost impact on property owners which is why we are providing a thorough process to engage the community before any decision is made.

If you have any further questions or queries in regards to the Underground Power Scheme, please contact the City on 9273 3500 or email

I own a unit as part of a multiple lot, how would this affect me?

In the previous schemes the City has worked with Western Power to determine the individual costs. For single duplex and triple dwellings the full rate per dwelling applied. For multiple dwellings, the costs has been about 30% cheaper for each multiple dwelling owner. It is unlikely that similar pricing rates will apply to the new scheme. If the Council decides to proceed to full costing details for the various dwelling types will be provided.



Underground Power- Community Information
Underground Power Community Survey
Underground Power - community engagement results


Underground Power- Community Information

Underground Power Community Survey

Underground Power - community engagement results