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Water Monitoring

Aquatic facilities
An aquatic facility is a swimming pool or spa used for sport, recreation or educational water activities, and includes aquatic centres, swim schools, some residential/commercial/community facilities, hospitals, etc. All aquatic facilities are to be meet the Code of Practice for the Design, Construction, Operation, Management and Maintenance of Aquatic Facilities and the Health (Aquatic Facility) Regulations 2007. In order to ensure that the water is safe to swim in Aquatic Facilities within the City of Nedlands are sampled on a monthly basis.

Ocean Monitoring
Together with the Department of Health the City participates in monitoring the water quality of recreational beaches within the City of Nedlands. Swanbourne Beach has consistently maintained a green beach grade demonstrating a high standard of water quality and safety for swimming. Sampled water results are collated with those collected from other local governments and the Department of Health into an annual report available for viewing on the Department of Health website.

Water Testing
Queries regarding testing and other water enquiries should be directed to the Water Corporation

Water Resources
Perth Groundwater Atlas
Water Hardness: to find out how hard the water in your area call the Water Corporations’ Faults, Emergencies and Security line on 13 13 75