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Westcare Incorporated is an Australian Disability Enterprise (not-for-profit), providing quality employment and training for West Australians with disabilities since 1947.
Westcare is also committed to helping those afflicted with Tuberculosis through promoting awareness and raising money for research, early detection and treatment.

Westcare divisions include printing, food packaging, cardboard boxes, industrial packaging and safety wear. 

75 Carrington St, Nedlands WA 6009

We spoke with CEO, Rob Wilton to discuss his business and the impacts of COVID. 

How has COVID impacted your business? 
"Because most of our employees are vulnerable, we had to take extra measures around COVID. For examples, some employees worked from home."  

What does your business provide for the community? 
"Westcare in a nutshell provide employment to people living with a disability. Our services included digital and traditional print of items such as business cards, posters, etc. They also make safety wear and provide independent living for people that have a disability."

How did you start your business, and how long have you had the business? 
"The Westcare organisation has been supporting people with disability since its original inception in 1947 as the Tuberculosis Association of Western Australia. It was originally formed as a voluntary association to assist with rehabilitation of tuberculosis (TB) patients being treated at Wooroloo Sanitorium. It is now known as Westcare."