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Your bin collection

Check your bin and verge collection days

How to put your bin out for collection

Your recycling and greenwaste bins are collected alternatively each fortnight, on the same day as your rubbish bin collection. 

Place your bins on the verge before 6 am on the day of your collection:

  • Within 1m of the kerb (or as close as possible without obstructing the footpath)
  • 1m away from obstacles 
  • Half a metre apart
  • At a weight less than 35kg for 120L rubbish bins
  • For 240L rubbish bins, the weight should be less than 70kg.

There are a number of services the City offers to residents to assist with managing waste, including: 

  • Household waste collection
  • Recycling bin collection
  • Greenwaste collection
  • Twice-yearly bulk verge collection 

Check your bin collection days here 

For all missed bin collection enquiries, call the SUEZ customer service centre on 1300 633 633.

Additional fees and charges can apply to recycling/greenwaste bins containing non-compliant waste.

2021/22 Waste Brochure


2021/22 Waste Brochure