Youth Grant

Youth Grants Fund

The purpose of the Youth Grants Fund is to recognise and encourage the initiatives local young people are taking to participate in and contribute to the community.

The fund encourages youth participation in a wide range of socially positive activities, based on the following:

•that participation in the community is of value, and

•that participation in the community by young people in particular, is to be valued and encouraged.

The function of the fund is not primarily one of financial subsidy; rather it is one of recognition and encouragement, and the creation of a positive youth culture, in which initiative, achievement and community involvement are valued.  

Support from Council will be provided in the form of a small grant, subsiding participation in the eligible project, event or activity. 

Eligible applicants

•Young people living within the City of Nedlands aged between 12 and 21 years.

Eligible projects

•Events, projects and activities that provide an opportunity for youth participation in the wider community and support their artistic, cultural, community, educational, professional, technological, sporting, recreational, personal and or social development.

Projects or activities that have started before the application is assessed will not be eligible for funding. To ensure assessment of application before the event, applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the event.


•Funding will be provided to a maximum of $250 per applicant. 

•Grants are limited to one per financial year for each applicant. Therefore a successful applicant cannot reapply within the same financial year. 

•Applicants must have satisfactorily acquitted any previous grant or grants received under the Youth Grants Fund, in order to be eligible to reapply. 

•Grants cannot be spent on capital items.

•Young applicants are required to write the applications themselves, except in exceptional circumstances that will be assessed by the City case by case.

•The City of Nedlands must be acknowledged in publicity associated with the event or project.

•Grant acquittal reports must be provided within three months of the completion of the project, and include a financial report and at least two colour photos that can be used in City of Nedlands promotional material.

•Should the acquittal report not be provided within 3 months, the City may request that the grant be refunded.

•No more than four applicants from the same organisation will be granted sponsorship in one financial year.

•No more than four applicants for the same event will be granted sponsorship in one financial year.

 For more information on the City’s Youth Grants Fund please contact the Community Development team on 9273 3500 or email

Youth Grant - Application Form
Youth Grant - Information Sheet
Youth Grant Acquittal Form


Youth Grant - Application Form

Youth Grant - Information Sheet

Youth Grant Acquittal Form