Bus shelters and bus stops 

The position of bus stops and bus routes is the responsibility of the Perth Transport Authority with bus stops identified by orange posts and green and white information signs. 

The City's involvement is confined to the provision of seats and shelters at designated bus stops. Bus shelters and seats can be provided by the City at bus stops that have a high number of passengers and/or are in an exposed location. 

Requests for shelters and seats are considered on a case-by-case basis and the City has a schedule for annual replacement.  Bus shelters are cleaned four times per year and repainted to cover graffiti when necessary. Graffiti can also be removed, within 48 hours, upon request. 


There are 79 bus shelters across the City of Nedlands and maintenance is subsidised by the Public Transport Authority. Future works include the scheduled replacement of older concrete shelters with steel and aluminium models and existing hardstands and ramps being upgraded to ensure boarding areas comply with the City’s Disability Access Inclusion Plan (DAIP).  

A further 59 bench seats have also been installed at various locations throughout the City. 

As the PTA is responsible for route management and upgrades to shelters and hardstand areas, bus stop relocations and removals can be undertaken as part of the DAIP program or while other construction or development works are carried out.  

The PTA and the City endeavour to provide shelters at strategic locations, given that there is a minimum of 15 boardings (average) per weekday required to achieve Bus Shelter Subsidy Program funding. 

If this is achieved, the PTA will fund up to 50 per cent of any shelter costs with such financial support restricted to new shelters in locations where sufficient passenger boarding numbers exist. 

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