Policies & Framework 


The City’s Local Planning Scheme No 3 was gazetted in April 2019. The Local Planning Scheme sets out the rules for development in the City, and includes maps that provide land zoning, which indicates the type of land uses that may be possible in particular areas.

Heritage List  

The City’s Local Heritage Survey (formerly named the Municipal Inventory) is a survey of heritage places/precincts that are identified as being culturally or historically significant to the City. The Local Heritage Survey includes a Place Record for each entry which details what is known about that site, building or landmark.

Places and heritage areas/precincts identified within the local government’s Local Heritage Survey will be assigned a management category of either A, B, C or D, depending on their level of significance.

A local government’s Heritage List is made up of the properties within the categories A and B, as these are considered to be of the most heritage significance. Under the City’s current Scheme, properties on the Local Heritage Survey (Municipal Heritage Inventory) are not afforded heritage protections until they are formally placed on the City’s Heritage List. 

The City’s Local Heritage Survey and Local Heritage List is currently undergoing review. 


Local Planning Policies provide localised guidance on development to the City and members of the public. Local Planning Policies complement Local Planning Scheme No 3, providing a comprehensive suite of guidance documents to ensure consistent decision-making is maintained. The Local Planning Policies include: