Ranger Services 

Rangers provide a visible patrol of the City of Nedlands for the amenity and safety of residents and visitors. Our vehicles are clearly visible and our Rangers welcome people approaching them in the field for advice or assistance. 

Rangers are involved in ensuring compliance with many State Acts and Local Laws, such as: 

  • Animal control and management  
  • Dog attacks and dog barking 
  • Fire hazards 
  • Abandoned vehicles 
  • Littering and rubbish dumping 
  • Parking  
  • Illegal signs and goods 
  • Removal of used syringes from public places 

Rangers also take a proactive approach by getting involved in education, safety, community events, event and traffic management and emergency management. 

Rangers work alongside police and emergency services to provide assistance, resources and information and are also there to assist the community. All Rangers are trained in first aid, traffic management, emergency management and our vehicles are equipped with first aid, safety and communication equipment. 

Rangers encourage people to report any issues they observe with the date, time and relevant details. Together, we can all improve the safety and amenity of the City of Nedlands. 

During business hours, please contact Ranger Services on 9273 3500 or by clicking the enquiry buttons below.

Outside business hours, please contact the main number 9273 3500 and calls will be directed to the City’s after-hours service.  

Parking/traffic related enquiry

Pet/animal related enquiry