Vehicle Crossovers

Crossovers are the part of your driveway that crosses from your property to the kerb on the road. All crossovers should be constructed according to the City's crossover specifications in order to:

  • avoid conflict with public utilities in the road reserve;
  • minimise stormwater entering your property from the road and footpath;
  • maintain property values in the street;
  • not become a hazard for pedestrians and cyclists for which the owner will be liable; and
  • qualify for the cross-over subsidy that is paid to the owner by the City.


A Crossover is the section of driveway from the property boundary to the kerb line. The Apron is the section of the Crossover from the kerb line and extends in for 600mm.


Residents are required to submit an application for construction of a new crossover by following the below steps.

  1. Please complete the below application form
  2. Save your completed application form to your device (PC, laptop etc).
  3. Submit your completed application form along with plans by attaching it to this enquiry form
  4. A Technical Services Officer will then contact you if they require further information

The crossover must comply with the City's Crossover Specifications.

The owner of the property may apply for a subsidy from the City if the crossover was constructed at the owner's cost (applicable only for a new development’s primary crossover).


The maintenance of the crossover is the responsibility of the property owner.

Permit Application

Vehicle Crossover Guidelines

Vehicle Crossover Construction and Maintenance Policy