Planning an Event 

To organise a public or private event in a park, reserve or building managed by the City of Nedlands, you must have approval from the City’s Events Control Unit (ECU). The role of the ECU is to ensure all events held in the City’s buildings and reserves comply with the City’s policies and procedures along with all relevant statutory requirements and have minimal, if any, negative impact on the community. 

Approval from the City is required for events where any of the following features are included: 

  • The event is open to the public 
  • Over 200 attendees are expected 
  • External providers are involved (e.g. caterers, food trucks, vendors, amusement providers) 
  • Electrical installations (e.g. generators, lighting) 
  • Road closure or temporary suspension of road rules 
  • Consumption or sale of alcohol 
  • Trading in a public place 
  • Vehicle entry onto a reserve 
  • Amplified sound or other noise impacts 
  • Wedding ceremony 
  • Temporary structure/s (e.g. marquees, staging, seating, portable toilets) 
  • Parking, traffic management or transport plan required 
  • Fireworks or other pyrotechnics 
  • Commercial filming 
  • Helicopter landings 

Event applications must be submitted to the City within the following timeframes: 

  • Simple events, such as private birthday parties or indoor events – 20 business days before the date of the event
  • Complex events, such as public community events – 60 business days before the date of the event
  • Major events, such as music festivals or large-scale public events – 9 months before the date of the event

The City’s External Events Guide is available to provide more information on submitting an application and the event approval process.  

For major events, please make sure you have read the Major Event Application General Terms and Conditions before planning your event within the City of Nedlands.

For more information about planning an event in the City of Nedlands, please contact the Administration and Events Officer on 9273 3500 or by enquiring below.

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