Corporate Documents

Annual publications produced are available here and also in hard copy format in the Nedlands and Mt Claremont Libraries

Some publications and resources are available online to download as PDF files. You will need to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. Some of the files may take time to open.

Asset Management Strategy 2019-2029

The purpose of the Asset Management Strategy 2019-2029 is to establish the methodology for managing the City of Nedlands' assets for the next decade including a series of recommendations.

The primary goal of asset management is to provide the required level of service in the most cost-effective way through the creation, acquisition, maintenance, operation, rehabilitation and disposal of assets to provide for present and future generations.

Asset Management Strategy

Your Rates Explained

The rates newsletter with a message from the Mayor is sent out annually along with rates notices to all ratepayers.

Your Rates Explained

Local Planning Scheme No.3

The City of Nedlands Local Planning Scheme No.3 has now been published in the Government Gazette and all planning decisions will be based on the new scheme. Local Planning Scheme No.3 outlines the zoning, land use permissions, density codes and development standards for the City of Nedlands.

Strategic Recreation Plan 2010-2015 

The Strategic Recreation Plan’s establishes the local community’s current and future need/s for sporting, recreational and leisure facilities and services. It enables the City to prioritise the competing demands for resources from sporting clubs.

Strategic Recreation Plan 2010 - 2015

Urban Forest Strategy 2018-2023

The Urban Forest Strategy 2018-2023 outlines the City's vision and priorities for a green and thriving urban forest. This document outlines what the City of Nedlands will focus on for the next five years. 

Urban Forest Strategy

City of Nedlands Strategic Community Plan 2028

This is the principal strategy and planning document that reflects the community's long term (10+ years) vision and priorities and outlines what the Council will focus on.

Strategic Community Plan - Nedlands 2028

Corporate Business Plan

The Corporate Business Plan is the City’s implementation strategy of the first four years of the Strategic Community Plan. The current year of the Corporate Business Plan establishes the Annual Budget for that year

Corporate Business Plan

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2018-19 - 2023-24

The City of Nedlands is committed to working towards a community that is accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities, their families and carers.

Disability Access & Inclusion Plan (Word)

Disability Access & Inclusion Plan (PDF)

Annual Reports

Section 5.53 of the Local Government Act 1995 requires a local government to prepare an annual report for each financial year.

Annual Reports

Public Interest Disclosure Information

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 facilitates the disclosure of public interest information, and provides protection for those making such disclosures and those who are the subject of disclosures.

The Act provides a system for the matters disclosed to be investigated and for appropriate action to be taken. The Act requires the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Nedlands to prepare and publish internal procedures relating to the City's obligations under the Act.

Public Interest Disclosure Information

Governance Manual

Corporate governance is a system of processes through which an organisation makes decisions and directs, controls and monitors its operations. The systems are complex and are required by legislation. The Governance Manual assists the City to achieve its commitment to governance.

The Manual links the respective roles under the Local Government Act and other relevant legislation with the suite of available governance documents. It is designed to provide guidance and information to the major participants in all functions and governance processes of the City.

Governance Manual

Register of Delegations

The Local Government Act 1995 (the Act) allows for a local government to delegate to the Chief Executive Officer the exercise of any of its powers or the discharge of any of its duties under the Act. All delegations made by the Council must be by absolute majority decision.

The Act allows for the Chief Executive Officer to delegate any of his powers to another employee, this must be done in writing. The Act allows for the Chief Executive Officer to place conditions on any delegations if he desires.
A register of delegations, being this document, relevant to the Chief Executive Officer and other employees is to be kept and reviewed at least once every financial year.


Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is established for the purpose of ensuring that the roles and responsibilities of Elected Members and Employees are understood and respected so that a professional working relationship is established and maintained in the interests of providing excellent customer service and good government for the City. The respective Code of Conduct sets out the principles and standards of behaviour, which are expected of Employees and Elected Members.

Employee Code of Conduct

Elected Members Code of Conduct

Nedlands NOW

The City produces one newsletter a year in summer, which is delivered to residents and businesses in the City of Nedlands.

Nedlands NOW

Customer Service Charter

The City is committed to continuously improving our standards by focusing on our customers' views and needs in order to achieve the desired results. This document details the levels of servie you can expect from the City, concentrating on the areas of service that our residents have indicated are the most important. The customer service charter sets out clear service standards by which you can gauge our performance.

Customer Service Charter

Workforce Plan

City of Nedlands Workforce Plan

Service Plan

City of Nedlands Service Plan

Forward Capital Works Program

Forward Capital Works Program 2023-24