City Buildings  

The City owns, operates and leases a wide range of buildings and facilities that serve a broad range of functions including libraries and hirable function and activity spaces. If you would like to make a booking please click here.  

The City is currently responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of all builds it operates. If you would like to report a fault or issue with a City-operated building please speak with the manager of that facility.   

 A number of buildings owned by the City are leased to various Community Groups. For these buildings maintenance and cleaning is the responsibility of the lessee. Any issues with these buildings should be reported to the Community group leasing the building.    

List of City Buildings: 

Building Name 

Allen Park Tennis Club 

Allen Park Tennis Club Utility Shed 

Allen Park Upper Pavilion 

Charles Court Reserve Pavilion 

Cottesloe Golf Club 

Dalkeith Bowling Club Pavilion 

Dalkeith Preschool 

Dalkeith Preschool Toy Store 

Dalkeith Tennis Club 

Dalkeith Tennis Club - Utility Shed 

Friends of Allen Park 

Hollywood After School Activity Centre 

Hollywood Bowling Club Pavilion 

Lawler Park Scout Hall 

Maisonettes Flats 

Mattie Furphy House 

Melvista Preschool 

Nedlands Bridge Club 

Nedlands Child Health Clinic 

Nedlands Croquet Pavilion 

Nedlands Golf Club 

Nedlands Park Early Learning Centre 

Nedlands Tennis Club 

Nedlands Yacht Club - Clubroom 

Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club 

Strickland Street Infant Health Centre 

Max Brown Pavilion 

Swanbourne Cafe 

Swanbourne Life Saving Club 

Swanbourne Surf Life Saving Tower 

Tom Collins House 

Tom Fricker Cottage 

WA Bridge Club 

Winthrop Region Guides Hall 

Mayo Community Garden Shed 

Nedlands Yacht Club - Junior Club Rooms 

Nedlands Yacht Club - Shed F 

Mt Claremont Playgroup 

Claremont Nedlands Lions Club Shed 

Nedlands Park Early Learning Centre Store  

Sand Sports Australia Large Shed 

Sand Sports Australia Main Building 

Sand Sports Australia Small Shed 

Sand Sports Australia Changerooms 

Sand Sports Australia Medium Shed 

Melvista Preschool North Shed 

Melvista Preschool South Shed 

Maisonettes Garage