The following policies guide the Council and Administration in efficient and effective management of its resources and day to day operations.

All current Council Policies are available below.


Local Planning Policies

Local planning policies are prepared by the City and adopted by Council under statutory procedures set out under the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

Local Planning Policies currently in effect are listed below, which includes Policies that have been carried over from Town Planning Scheme No. 2 that still have effect, and new Policies adopted under Local Planning Scheme No. 3.


The City is also currently advertising a series of draft Local Planning Policies to be adopted under LPS3 and they are available for viewing and comment on the City's Your Voice website.


State Planning Policies

State planning policies are prepared and adopted by the WAPC under statutory procedures set out in part 3 of the Planning and Development Act 2005. The process of preparing a state planning policy also includes public consultation and consideration by the Planning Minister and the Governor.

The WAPC and the City must have 'due regard' to the provisions of state planning policies when preparing or amending local planning schemes and when making decisions on planning matters.

Copies of the state planning policies can be viewed on the WAPC website.


Development Control Policies

The WAPC’s operational policies, often referred to as development control or DC policies, sit within a structure which is established under the State Planning Strategy and Statement of Planning Policy No.1 State Planning Framework.

Copies of the DC policies can be viewed on the WAPC website here.