Parks, Gardens and Reserves in the City 

Public Open Space in the City 

There are 97 public open space locations in the City of Nedlands totalling an area of 262.6 hectares. Public open space consists of parks, gardens, reserves, public walkways, foreshores, golf courses and bushland.

The total area comprises: 

  • 94.3 ha – Parks, gardens and reserves
  • 63.6 ha - Bushland 
  • 25.6 ha - Foreshore reserves 
  • 0.4 ha – Public walkways
  • 78.7 ha – Golf courses

The City maintains a total of 183.9 hectares of the above public open space. 

There are ten sports fields available for use within the City of Nedlands. The fields are used on a regular basis by seasonal sporting clubs but are also available for casual hire. 

  • Allen Park Upper (Swanbourne) 
  • Allen Park Lower (Swanbourne) 
  • Charles Court Reserve (Nedlands Foreshore) 
  • College Park Upper (Dalkeith) 
  • College Park Lower (Dalkeith) 
  • David Cruickshank Reserve (Dalkeith) 
  • Highview Park (Nedlands)
  • Melvista Oval (Nedlands) 
  • Mt Claremont Oval (Mt Claremont) 
  • Swanbourne Beach Oval (Swanbourne)

Watering of Parks, Gardens and Reserves

The City is a licensed groundwater user and has approval to irrigate between the hours of 6 pm and 9 am on any day of the week from 1 September through to 31 May each financial year. Whilst the City attempts to irrigate all parks and reserves in the early hours of the morning so as not to inconvenience the community, this is not always possible.

The City implements industry best practices to maximise our water efficiency through using technology to monitor, control and minimise the amount of water used to irrigate its parks, gardens and reserves.

Routine maintenance is an integral component in maintaining an efficient irrigation system. Maintenance works occur during daytime hours and efforts are made to minimise disruption to park users.

  • The City uses technology connected to all its reserves that provides remote access. Through this, we can monitor faults 24/7 and adjust programs daily to suit weather conditions. 
  • The City is required to meter its bores and report its groundwater usage to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) to monitor water usage to ensure it complies with its groundwater licence allocation.   
  • The City utilises injection systems to apply wetting agents through the sprinkler systems to ensure irrigation water efficiency is maximised.

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