Development Applications Essentials

How to complete a development application

  1. Please read the information below and select the application relevant to your development type. If you are unsure, please submit a planning enquiry.
  2. Once you have selected your application type, please complete the relevant forms and checklists provided in the information below.
  3. Save your completed forms to your device (PC, laptop etc).
  4. Submit your completed forms by attaching them to this enquiry form.
  5. A planning officer will then contact you if they require further information, or if your application has been approved.

The City also accepts applications submitted on USB storage media. 

Do I need Development Approval? 

Some development is exempt from the requirement to obtain development (planning) approval. However, such development may still require approval under other legislation such as the Strata Titles Act 1985 and the Building Act 2011. Please refer to the following FAQ for answers to common questions: FAQ - Do I need Development Approval 

Deemed-to-comply Checks  

A Deemed-to-comply (DTC) check allows owners to seek advice from the City as to whether a proposal requires development approval and without the need to submit an application for development approval. This check only applies to single houses and is done before a Building Permit can be issued for these works.  

To find out further information on how to apply please visit the DTC FAQ 

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Development Applications 

For any development that is not exempt from requiring approval, a development application must be approved by the City prior to works or use commencing. 

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Planning Enquiries 

General enquiries can be submitted online vie the below form or by speaking to the Duty Planner during normal business hours at 9273 3500. More in-depth planning enquiries that require additional research or review may require submission of a Planning Enquiry Application Form and a fee.  

Make an enquiry

Preliminary Assessment 

The City can provide some preliminary planning advice about proposals. Please note that preliminary assessments are only provided for Grouped and Multiple Dwellings, and are not the same as Deemed-to-comply checks. Preliminary assessments provide advice about major components of a proposal, identifying any significant issues, and are not intended to be comprehensive planning assessments or “pre-approvals”. 

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Joint Development Assessment Panel  

Significant developments are determined by the Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP). Please see the following for further information, forms and fees: 

Design Review Panel 

The City’s Design Review Panel (DRP) is an advisory panel that provides independent and impartial recommendations to the City and applicants on the architectural and design aspects of certain planning proposals. This is to ensure future developments preserve the character of the local area and deliver high-quality-built form outcomes for the community. 

Applications that require mandatory referral to the Design Review Panel include: 

  • 4 or more Grouped Dwellings  
  • Multiple Dwellings 
  • Development that is 3 storeys or more in height (excluding Single Houses)  
  • Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) applications 
  • Large-scale or contentious applications the City considers appropriate to be presented   
  • Strategic projects 

To find out further information on the panel members, the process and how to apply please visit FAQ - Design Review Panel

Subdivision & Clearances 

The Western Australian Planning Commission is responsible for determining all freehold and survey strata subdivision applications.  

To find out further information on the subdivision potential of your property, the process and how to apply for clearances please visit FAQ - Subdivision and Clearances

If you are ready to apply for subdivision clearance, please attach the Subdivision Clearance Request Application along with evidence that the conditions have been cleared to the below form:

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Street Numbering   

The City’s Planning Department is responsible for the allocation of street numbers to all properties within the City. Street numbers are allocated to new developments, subdivisions, amalgamations, and reallocation of existing street numbers in accordance the City’s Assignment of House Numbers Policy

For further information on this process and how to apply please visit FAQ - Street Numbering

Section 40 – Liquor Licence Applications 

If your business includes the sale or consumption of alcohol, you will require a liquor licence which is issued by the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries. 

Section 40 of the Liquor Control Act 1988 requires a certificate from the local planning authority to be submitted to support a liquor licence application lodged with Department. This certificate confirms the proposed liquor licence is consistent with the planning approval granted on the site and is required before a liquor licence can be determined by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. 

For further information on this process and how to apply please visit FAQ - Section 40 Liquor Licence

Download Section 40 Form

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Section 70A Notifications  

Section 70A is part of the Transfer of Land Act 1893 that allows notifications to be placed on a property’s Certificate of Title. This is done to ensure any current or future owners are aware of matters which may impact the enjoyment of that property and is usually applied as a condition of planning approval.  

A Section 70A Notification must be completed by the owner/applicant and printed out double sided with all information and signatures completed. Original hard copies must be submitted to the City to be signed and sealed before final submission to Landgate. Signing and sealing may take up to two weeks.  

Upon lodgement at Landgate, please provide a copy of the lodgement receipt or the new titles with the Notification shown in order to satisfy the City’s requirements. 

For further information on this process and how to apply please visit Landgate.

Home Business and Home Occupation 

A Home Business and a Home Occupation are defined in the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 3 and will need a planning approval prior to commencement if they: 

  • Do not meet the definition within the scheme; or 
  • Are shown as a use class other than a ‘P’ use in the zoning table of the scheme. 

In addition to a standard Development Application Form, a Home Business Application Form is also required. The planning approval process for these uses follows that of a standard planning application. 

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COVID-19 Planning Information 

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic the State Government have introduced a series of changes to the local and state planning legislation, frameworks and schemes.  

These temporary changes aim to remove barriers within the planning system to support businesses and enable flexible responses in a changing environment. These changes introduced an automatic two-year extension of time for commencement of development to all approvals that were still valid as of 3 April 2020. This extension continues for all new approvals until the expiration of the emergency measures. 

For further information please visit the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage State of Emergency site.