Worm Farms and Compost Bins 


‘Worm Café’  

The City is pleased to offer City of Nedlands residents the opportunity to purchase a subsidised worm farm. Please refer to the City's current Fees and Charges Schedule for the worm farm pricing - Page 30.

The Worm Café is made of recycled plastic, consisting of a tray system on legs with a tap to empty liquid leachate. The price includes the ‘Worm Café’ worm farm as well as 1kg of worms (approximately 4000), 20 litres of castings and a comprehensive instruction booklet. The worm farm has been set up 2 to 3 months in advance, which means you will get a good supply of quality liquid within 24 hours of delivery. 

For more information about worm farms, download the factsheet. 

If you wish to order a worm farm, you can either pay over the phone by calling 9273 3500 or visit our reception staff at the City's Administration building, 71 Stirling Highway, Nedlands to pay in person. 

Once payment has been received, the Worm Shed will contact you to arrange delivery. 

Compost Bin 


There is an option for the City to provide residents with black plastic 220L Compostabin’s for wholesale price. These are on display at Council's Administration and available for collection. Please refer to the City's current Fees and Charges Schedule for related costs - Page 30. 

The Compostabin is a dry composting system designed for outdoor use. It can be used to compost most kitchen food waste (except meat, dairy and bones), dry paper, cardboard, and garden waste such as lawn clippings and leaves. 

Bokashi Bucket

The City offers Bokashi Buckets at a wholesale price of $66 which also includes Bokashi Mix. Food waste is placed into the Bokashi Bucket and the microorganisms in the mix cause the waste to ferment. 


Worm Farm Fact Sheet

Bokashi One Instructions