Street lighting 

The City owns and maintains 220 streetlights including bollard, commemorative, overhead and overhead banner pole lights, however, the majority of streetlights throughout the City are owned and maintained by Western Power.  

The sheer volume of street lighting in the City means Western Power is unable to guarantee all lights will be operational every night. (The Australian Standard for street lighting allows for up to 5 per cent of lights to be non-operational at any given time.)  

Under an agreement with the City, Western Power will repair reported streetlight faults within 10 working days. A dedicated hotline 1800 622 008 has been established for these reports. 

If you wish to report a faulty streetlight, please visit the Western Power website. Western Power requires contact details and streetlight information to assist in locating and repairing the fault.  

Your assistance in keeping our streetlights fully functional is appreciated. 

Report a faulty street light